Data psychology is a combination of data science and psychology study where the decision-making process is determined to be dependent on our human internal psychology.
As much as there is a great development of the data gathering and analysis using the data science tools, the process of inferencing a decision from these data is still presenting a major challenge to organizations and institutions. There are hardships in trying to determine the right action to take from the data at hand. This is due to the uncontrollable phenomenon such as metacognition (awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes).
This requires a wide understanding of the human decision-making and thought process which seems to be widely affected by their environment and internal psychology. The difficult task that artificial intelligence faces are to metacognition since the computer is not aware of its own thought process. Humans are subject to change from different influences and this makes it hard to predetermine what will drive their next decision. In the process of trying to understand human behavior through data, there have been new discoveries that are presenting one of the biggest breakthroughs that this era will ever face. By understanding the psychology of human interactions and behavior, data science tools can be used to manipulate the masses and create or change their perspective about certain ideologies. This has been used to the advantage of organizations to facilitate their endeavors. This can be either in a negative or positive manner. One notable example is of the data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, which was accused of using public data to manipulate voters in elections, such as the United States of America, Kenya, and even the Brexit Elections.
The objective of this research paper is to understand the change that technology has impacted the behavior of humans being from a consumer’s perspective. It also aims to understand the course of these new behavior patterns and hence be able to explain the factors that have led to these changes. The aim is to identify the means to which organizations can apply data psychology in their marketing strategy.

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