Alpha, Beta and Omega

Do you know your place in the pack?

Teen Wolf. If you haven’t watched that TV series you definitely need to look for it. Splendid.

Werewolves are mythical creatures resembling a human but shapeshift into a wolf. These creatures are so fascinating. They got me thinking about how the real wolf’s life relates to our own as humans.

It is intriguing how the wolf family operates. The Alpha, Beta and Omega concept cannot be explained without touching on them. Alphas are usually the lead male and female wolves in the pack. They are the decision-makers of the pack and all the other wolves answer to them. Beta wolves are the strong wolves who help the Alphas organize the pack. They have higher ranks than the other wolves in the pack. A Beta can rise ranks to be the new Alpha by defeating the current Alpha. The Omegas are the least ranked. They have no likelihood of being the Alpha unless they rise to be Betas. They include the sick and injured wolves.

The wolf pack has excellent coordination of these three casts. This helps to aid in not only there hunting tactics but also for the pack’s protection from harm. When the pack moves, the Omegas are always placed ahead of the pack. The Beta wolves follow and then the Alpha stays at the rear to coordinate the whole pack. This is as seen in the pic below:

Even to myself, this sounds like a NAT Geo commentary. My point is this. The same social structure can be observed within our human society. In our families, at workplaces and in the community, these three casts exist. Each having a specific role to keep the social organization stable. For humans, society doesn’t dictate who you become but each of us individually decides on our destinied cast through our mentality. 

To be an Alpha is to have full control of your ambition. Making each decision at will and accepting the consequences of that decision. You have a big dream that is viable for others to give up on their own fantasies to support yours. All because it is visibly worth it and they know it will have a greater reward in the end. 

A Beta commits their life to help an Alpha accomplish their dreams at the expense of the Beta’s own. They strive to see to it that the Alpha’s empire is built. After the success or failure of this endeavor, the Beta can choose to pursue their own ambitions which they had set aside. They have a high chance of success with the knowledge they acquired when helping the Alpha to achieve dominance.

An omega’s vision is limited by the obstacles ahead. Their dream is to endure without being consumed by the dangers of the day. This is because they are always kept at the frontline to be used as baits and shield by the superior casts. For an Omega to rise, they have to take up the Beta way of thinking. Have a vision of their own first, then help others achieve their own objectives.

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