The life of Chester Bennington

My favorite singer hanged himself

I’m a big fan of rock music. I have favorite rock jams varying from hard rock music by Evanescence, Christian rock by Skillet to Emo rock by Billie Eilish. Never had a thing for metal rock only. I guess it’s too hard from me. But, my favorite band of all time has always been Linkin Park with their alternative rock genre.

The first time I came across Linkin Park, was in high school. I recall chilling out with some friends to listen to X FM’s weekly top 30 jams. Then the song “Burn it down” came up on the playlist. I had never imagined such a vibe in my life. The emotions from Chester, the instrumental beats mixed with some EDM like sounds, the rap by Mike Shinoda. It was musical perfection. This made me more enthusiastic to know about their other songs. 

In my quest, I came across “Numb“, a song that depicts how the world and those around us have too much expectation for us. So, the best choice is to just be numb to all the demands of the world. Then there is “Castle of glass“. A song that taught me that no matter how the situation hurts, I have to be strong because another person’s life may just depend on my courage. The song depicts the emotional burden of the family of military personnels. The dark side of war. “Lost in the echo” talked about betrayal. “One more light” is about the fear of losing a loved one. “Heavy” is about the thoughts that torment us every day and we can’t brush them off. The list is all too long.

This is Chester Bennington. 

He was the lead singer for the band. The guy had a golden vocal. The type of music he wrote was so real. Especially because it came from his life experiences. The songs are emotionally invoking. If you are going through the same situation, you will feel a touch to your soul.

Chester was raised up by his father after his parent’s divorce. The father was a detective who worked on child-sex cases. According to him, his father was emotionally unstable. Chester’s childhood was a whole mess. From being abused by older kids to getting involved in hard drugs at a very tender age. No one would remain the same after all that. He became an alcohol addict and was in and out of rehab. Music became his buffer for the pain (Each of us has our own buffers).

“I know I’m not the center of the universe, but you can spin around me just the same.”

During his last days, he was at the pick of his career. With the album “One more light” out and the single with Kygo, “Heavy“, going miles on radio, he had it all.

On 21 July 2017, his body was found hanging in his estate home, living his friends and family full of regrets. They were left with letters written in the songs about the pain he was going through. The light he sang about in his last album “one more light“. The light in a sky of a million stars. The light that went out. The light was himself. 

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