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Writer: Pheene
Editor: Barry

Chasing Chess

I had never interacted with the game of Chess growing up. I just knew it existed but it never quite caught my attention. I remember trying to play Chess off my sister’s laptop as a kid. I just didn’t get it. I knew the rules, but the game play just didn’t add up. 
A period in high school came when Chess was the thing. Everyone wanted to learn Chess. I remember the competitions held in class and how people really enjoyed it. They argued and even fought in the name of the game. But for me, I was just fascinated. I sat and watched them play with no interest. I felt like the game was boring. The players took years to move their pieces. I’m the most impatient person I know.
From the numerous competitions, a victor had to be crowned and the title went to this guy called Dedan. He was a genius in the game. Not just a local champion but he also gave other schools a run for their victory. At that point we didn’t quite know each other. Then we met after both choosing the same university and same course, coincidentally. 
I remember the first time he suggested we play a game of chess. I was a complete amature and I knew he would win. I hate losing. I told him to give me time to learn. I went through books and tutorials trying to get how it’s played. After my research, I thought, well now I’m a master. This shit is so easy. The new self proclaimed master faced two great loses. I had the knowledge but never knew how to use it in the game. 
After that, for almost five years that we spent in campus, we never played Chess together. We would hangout and he would play against online competitors. At times we used to hangout at the Chess club but I decided to rather join the Scrabble club which met at the same venue. The only time I ever played Chess was with a friend, Esther. She was a beginner and I used to teach her the basics. I was intrigued by how much she loved the game and views it as an art. Still, I hated the game because I felt like it’s that one thing I didn’t get. 
I have been going through my weakness one by one and trying to solve them. I thought Chess was a major one. So, I decided to give it another shot. I’ve read more books, followed games by some of the best Chess players such as Magnus Carlsen and Bobby Fischer and played against a Computer at expert level and won. Now I think I see the pattern. I hope I’m ready to face the grand master(Dedan). But before that, I want to test my new skill on human subjects. Let the games begin. To be continued…

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