Nerd or Geek!

Geeks vs Nerds

Nerd, Geek! No difference. Yeah, most people think that. I thought that. For some, nerds and geeks are just some weird group of people with personality issues. To others, smart people are nerd and geeks.


A nerd is a bookworm and a geeks is just some social awkward person, they say. The word nerd and geek are the most misunderstood words ever. It’s because this is a new thing especially to the old school Africa beliefs and understanding. I mean, I’ve come across several people who think emo and goths are devil worshipers.

A nerd and a geek are two distinct personalities which intertwins with each other.They share in most traits and makes it hard for people to distinguish. A nerd is a person who has knowledge in a particular field. They are enthusiastic about the topic and study it in depth. Be it physics or maths. This is the main trait a nerd possess and what makes them who they are. On the other hand, a geek has more knowledge on a variety of fields. Mostly in the field of technology. 
The social difference between the two is that a nerd is socially awkward. Not that they can’t relate with people, but because people fear their intellectual superiority. This presents a barrier and make people feel inferior when interacting with them. They never shy from showing that they know something nerdy and this makes people repel them. This sometimes leads to them being introverted since no one understands them. Do you have that friend who always talks about the same subject over and over again?
A geek blends with the crowed. They behaves normal and takes the opportunity to learn the things that the crowed will find to be cool. This makes them stand out and people love there company. Most computer programmers are considered to be geeks. They will learn cool technics just to impress the people around.
Geeks are familiar with pop culture. They know all the latest movies, listen to a variety of music genres from house, reggae, rock, pop, emo, hip-hop, gengetone, just name it. They always know what is trending. This means most geeks will be found on Twitter where they get their information about trends. The nerd has a weird music taste that the people around are not familiar with. Some nerds even choose to stay away from any form of art including music. They know that pop culture exist but choose to ignore it and follow there own path in music. They will listen to metal rock, pure emo or SKA, Samba, Jazz and anything but what the people around are familiar with. 
Geeks are the gamers. They play popular games and are always available for multiplayer challenges. The nerd has more interest in how the games is made than how it is played. They may try to figure out if they can beat the system, crack and ease the complexity of the game. The geeks will go for popular games like FIFA and Call of Duty while the nerds will go for strategy games like Chess and Minecraft.
In programming, a geek coder will learn the trending language like Node Js and Ruby on Rails but nerds prefer more complex languages like assembly language and C programming. I think java programmers are nerds, a geek can’t waste there time in such a hard language. Old school programmers were nerd actually. As the technology world grew, hipstar coders were born. The so called geeks. A good example of old school nerd and a geek is Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs respectively. Woz was the nerd behind the Apple company who engineered the first Apple computers. Jobs on the other hand was a geek who marketed the products with his amazing marketing skills.
Geeks are easy to relate with hence they can easily find a date. The girls will always find the geek to be cool. A nerd will have a philosophical view to the dating scene that makes them view the topic differently. They will find it hard relating with the opposite gender especially on topics that are outside the nerdy area. In short, the nerd is always single.
The distinction between nerd and geek and others, is their thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is everywhere thus their thirst can never be quenched. They will continue to seek for a life time. Knowledge is power and the nerds and geeks are the prophets of this error. 

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