eBay Partners with Notable Live to Provide NFT Sports Experiences

“Our partnerships focus on delivering transformational solutions that provide fans true access. These solutions are built upon authentic offerings that attach memories to memorabilia and experiences directly from the source themselves,” Notable Live’s CEO, Mike Antonucci, said in a statement, 

eBay is the new NFT king

Notable Live was formed by NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith and CEO Mike Antonucci with the goal of delivering fans with amazing encounters with their favorite players. The firm began as a mobile app that provided fans with unforgettable experiences with their favorite players and produced memories that they would treasure for the rest of their lives.

To establish the revolutionary platform, the creators merged their skills in sports and technology. Notable Live is still a leading platform for giving fans access to special experiences and items associated to their favorite athletes, leagues, and teams.

According to Dawn Block, eBay’s Vice President of Collectibles, the collaboration will provide sports fans, collectors, and investors with a unique and meaningful way to interact with “living icons.”

This new collaboration is eBay’s next step into the realm of digital treasures, and it’s all about providing fans with one-of-a-kind experiences. Despite slowing its entry into the NFT field, it acquired UK-based NFT marketplace KnownOrigin in June 2022 and published its NFT collection “Genesis” in the face of diminishing market demand.

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