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Featured tools

Here are a few tools that I frequently use.

Figma to webflow

The Figma to Webflow plugin will help you to your static designs into clean, production-ready code with the Figma to Webflow plugin

ChatGPT Guide

A guide on how to use ChatGPT to create high-performing landing pages.

Relume Library

The collection of predesigned layout elements can be imported into Webflow or Figma to speed up and simplify the design process.


Without writing any code, users can build, publish, and host professional websites using this visual web development platform.

Design Inspirations

Favourite tools I use in most of my major projects


These are the Website Awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers, and web agencies in the world.


Behance is an Adobe-owned social media platform that focuses on showcasing and discovering creative work.

Design Inspiration

Many designers are using this platform to share and discover their work.


Dribbble is a social networking and self-promotion tool for digital designers and creatives.


Curated compilation of the best web design ideas from across the world.


A collection of beautiful site designs organized chronologically.


Design inspiration and ideas can be found in this collection of landing page designs.


Handpicked, high-quality website designs intended to inspire and facilitate the search for design ideas.

Minimal Gallery

Hand-picked, high-quality websites with simple designs.


A collection of over 100,000 fully searchable mobile and web app screenshots.


Design inspiration showcase featuring website design, product design, and more.

Page Collective

Inspiration for landing page and general marketing website design


Users can use this platform to find, collect, and share ideas and inspiration on a variety of themes, including design.


A collection of amazing web application design references.

Saas Landing Page

Design ideas and inspiration from the 720 landing pages of top SaaS firms.


The best web design inspiration from across the world, curated.


A selected list of the greatest SaaS websites on the internet. With their page and stack filters, you may quickly find the ideas you're looking for.

Design Apps

Here's what I use to design and develop websites


Cloud-based design and prototype platform for teams that allows users to work on images, websites, and apps in real time.

Relume Library

Premade layout components that may be loaded into Webflow or Figma to save time and expedite the design process.

Relume Library Figma

Figma file including all of the Relume library's design components as well as a style guide.


Users can use this platform to develop, publish, and host professional websites without having to write any code.

AI Tools

By mastering these tools, you will be setting yourself up for success in the future.


OpenAI created the ChatGPT language model. It understands and responds to natural language text input using machine learning.

Landing Page Blueprint

Tutorials on using ChatGPT to create high-performing Landing Pages.


AI that generates visuals in response to a query.

Stock Images

My favorite sites to get stock images that actually look professional

Death of Stock

Genuine stock photos and videos that aren't tacky or overdone.


Authentic stock photography with the option to download whole photoshoots for design consistency.


Stock photos that are less "stocky," however because the platform is so popular, certain images may be overused. Still a fantastic library.


Stock photos that are less "stocky," however because the platform is so popular, certain images may be overused. Still a fantastic library.


Smaller graphics result in faster loading times. Squoosh can compress files while maintaining good quality.


Unsplash is a website devoted to exclusive stock photographs.

Adobe Stock

Thousands of millions of high-quality photos, graphics, 3D models, and templates are available.

Color Management

My favorite tools to get the right colors for your project


Simplify the process of locating color variants, such as tints, hues, and lighter/darker tones, which are useful for producing hover effects, gradients, borders, and so on.

Adobe Colors

A great website for finding a color scheme that matches an existing hex code.

Color Hunt

Color palette and color scheme library for inspiration.


Using the HEX code, find the name of your colors.


Color palette and scheme library for inspiration.

Featured tools

Here are a few tools that have been featured in my most recent videos

3d Transformer

Give any frame or element in your Figma file a 3D perspective. Very good for displaying a website or a dashboard screenshot on a landing page.

Figma to Webflow

Webflow Labs' Figma to Webflow plugin converts static designs into crisp, production-ready Webflow HTML and CSS.

Noise and Texture

Create seamless tiled noise, textures, patterns, gradients, and more dynamically.


A set of predefined font sizes and line heights is used in design to provide a hierarchy and consistent aesthetic appeal.

Any webpage may be converted into fully editable Figma designs. Use an existing website and import its HTML into Figma to begin your own designs without having to construct each element from scratch.


My favourite tools to get the perfect typography for my projects

Adobe Fonts

Subscription service that grants access to a library of high-quality fonts.

Awwwards (Fonts)

A collection of fonts to complement your web projects. Designers' favorite free typefaces.

Fonts in Use

Typography archive organized by typeface, format, industry, and time period. Visual examples are used to support the argument.


A collection of free high-quality fonts. Font pairing is also included.

Mockups & 3D Tools

Showcase your designs like a master.

Art Directed

Mockups of higher quality and sophistication for the modern era of design presentations.


Create 3D product mockups and rotation animations with this drag-and-drop tool. I'm offering a 20% discount on this tool using the coupon code "ETIE20."


A sophisticated tool for building and integrating 3D scenes and objects into online projects.

Email Tools

I despise emails, but these tools come in in when I need them.


A versatile tool for developing and managing email campaigns, automating lists, and integrating with other programs.

Really Good Emails

A fantastic archive of excellent email marketing strategies from which to draw inspiration.

Signature Hound

Professional email signature creation platform.

Productivity & Communication

Utility productivity and communication technologies to increate your efficiency and maintain task management.


Freelance project calculator. Make beautiful quotes with ease and know what to charge.

This is the best platform for project management, tasks and also CRM.


All-in-one productivity tool for note-taking, task management, and organization.

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